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Students will be able to browse and select their interview through your careers services website.
We regularly add new practice interviews

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Once they’ve selected the interview that they would like prepare for, Students will follow our easy registration process to get started. Students will receive an email invitation shortly after giving them access to our interview platform.


When Students access their interview they’ll be introduced to the process and given instructions on how it all works.


Students will be asked a series of interview questions. Before answering these, they will have a short window of time to consider what they would like to say. The answer will be recorded and played back so they can review it before moving forwards in the process.


After they’ve provided an answer to a question they are presented with guidance on what the interviewer was looking for so they can evaluate how they did. You can then choose to have another go or move on to the next question.


Students can then decide whether to have their interview reviewed by Careers Services once complete. They will receive a detailed report with the steps they can take to improve the structure and content of answers as well as communications skills.

Click here to see how the review system works for Careers Services.