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Top Tips to Excel in your Video Interview

As online interviews are becoming the norm, the likelihood of young people taking part in a video interview is increasingly high - making advance preparation key!

Top Tips For Video Interviews

Research has highlighted that the use of video interviewing increased by 159% between 2019 and 2020 (Criteria, 2020). Since the coronavirus pandemic, through which many companies had to implement the medium of video to conduct their interviews – employers and admissions teams alike are increasingly recognising the advantages of using video to conduct interviews. With 74% of recruiters claiming that conducting interviews via video has made their life much easier (Zippia, 2021) it is clear to see that video is a favourable solution for many.

You may now be wondering – what will the result of this be for students and grads? As online interviews are becoming the norm, the likelihood of young people taking part in a video interview is increasingly high – making advance preparation key! Knowing how to approach a video interview is just as important as knowing how to approach a face-to-face interview. To begin to explore this, we have put together a list of some key tips for online interviews that will help you to excel.

  1. Take your Time

An interview may feel like a high-pressure situation, but in reality it is fine to take a moment to think and consider what you are about to say, even if you are on a video call! Pausing can show an interviewer that you make decisions carefully and don’t rush into things, and even help you appear more confident. Michael Page (2021) even suggest that pausing for a few seconds can help prevent you from accidentally interrupting the interviewer in case there is a delay on the video call. 

  1. Look into the Camera

Eye contact is equally as important via video as it is in a face-to-face conversation. Ensure that you look the interviewer in the eye frequently to show that you are listening to what they are saying and make sure that you are looking at the webcam and not at the screen. At the same time however, ensure that you don’t directly stare too much, as this will appear unnatural! Career Beacon (2021) advise changing your focus every now and again to your employer onscreen, but to return to making eye contact when you wish to make an important point.

Choose an Appropriate Background

3. Choose an Appropriate Background

Your background should be clear, plain and situated in a location with a good amount of natural lighting. A busy and cluttered background can distract the interviewer’s attention away from the point that you are making, so it is important to choose the right location.

  1. Ensure your Face is Framed in the Centre of the Shot

Situating yourself too close to or far away from the camera is also a major way to detract attention from the answers you are giving! Ensure you are situated centrally onscreen, approximately an arm’s length away from the camera. Indeed (2021) recommend positioning your camera so that the upper third of your body is in the shot so you are not too close nor too far away.

  1. Smile

Your interviewer will want to get a feel of your natural personality to assess how you would fit into working with their team. Smiling at natural points in the conversation shows confidence and can help to put both yourself and the interviewer at ease, and also demonstrates your approachability!

Ensure your Internet Connection is Stable

6. Ensure your Internet Connection is Stable

When taking part in an online interview, it can be easy to forget the possibility of your wifi connection going down. To ensure that the connection is not disrupted or lost during your interview, ensure that you take it at a location with a stable connection. You may even wish to test your internet speed beforehand.

  1. Keep your Device Still

Moving your device around can disrupt your connection and even make it more difficult for the interviewer to hear what you are saying. To prevent this, keep your device on a solid flat surface throughout the interview. Furthermore, ensure that the device you are using is fully charged in advance. 

  1. Select a Distraction-Free Location

Finally, selecting a distraction-free zone is of paramount importance when engaging in an interview. It is important to ensure that you are free of distractions for the short period of time in which you are taking your interview. Ensure that your phone is on silent, your TV is switched off and that any windows are closed if you live in an area where outside noises may be problematic. With Shortlist.Me, practice interviews can be taken at a time and location which best works around your schedule – so we recommend selecting a time at which distractions will be at a minimum!

How can I use Shortlist.Me to Help Prepare?

Shortlist.Me is an interview readiness platform which enables both university, sixth form, college and school students to participate in a practice interview. With content created in partnership with real employers, students can gain a feel for what real graduate employers ask in their interviews! 

On one hand, students may wish to use Shortlist.Me to help prepare for an upcoming job interview, or perhaps for an admissions interview for university or an apprenticeship. However, the uses of the platform don’t stop there. In addition to interview preparation support, Shortlist.Me can also be used to facilitate spoken oral examinations, and teaching staff may even choose to upload their own assessment content, too. With such versatility in uses of the platform, Shortlist.Me can be tailored in a way that will best meet the needs of any institution and its students.

If you are a careers professional who is interested to learn more about how the Shortlist.Me platform works to provide exceptional interview-readiness support to students then contact us to learn more or book a demo here.

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