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Get Your Students Interview Ready!

Shortlist.Me is an employment-readiness solution that transforms the way mock online assessments are facilitated. Working alongside Careers Services, we help better equip students for employment through practical application and developmental feedback.

Provide your students with more: working with a multitude of top graduate employers, our employer-accredited interviews give students a feel of what companies are really looking for.

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Great Jobs Are Secured Through Great Interviews

How it works

Publish Interviews

Send your students an invitation to access practice interviews published on your careers site.


Students will progress through the interview simulation to learn questions and develop their answers under interview conditions.

Independent Review

After recording an answer, Students watch their performance back and self-review using the detailed coaching points provided.

Collaborative Review

If they choose to, Students can send their answers to Careers Services to provide a feedback report using our reviewing tool.

Get Hired

Students feel more confident and better prepared when attending a real interview and are 33% more likely to get shortlisted.

Real World Interview Practice

Leverage the technology used by top graduate employers across the globe.

We regularly add new practice interviews

Students Can Test Themselves Under Interview Conditions

Our technology simulates a real interview. Interviewees can rehearse their answers under the pressures of an interview, play them back and compare them against the expert guidance provided.

Interviews can be completed on any device with a camera and microphone installed.

Students Can Test Themselves Under Interview Conditions
Careers Services Can Provide Valuable Feedback

Careers Services Can Provide Valuable Feedback

Use our reviewing tool to help Students refine and improve their performance.

Students can still choose to use Shortlist.Me independently.

See a sample reviewSee a sample review

Why Shortlist.Me?

Class-leading Technology – The same technology that leading employers use to conduct interviews.
Relevant & Specific – Industry specific questions, validated against real employers.
Flexible Usage – Students can choose to self-review or send to you for feedback.
Development Focused – Students receive coaching points specific to each question and feedback reports with step by step instructions on how to improve their scores.
Time Saving – We provide you feedback templates for each question along with what employers are looking for.
Unique – There is no other solution that delivers all of the above.
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